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What could be the consequences of a warning tag becoming torn, illegible or detached from removed asbestos material?

Dealing with dangerous materials requires the best tag on the market. TUFFA™ Tags is designed and manufactured for extreme environments. We manufacture and warehouse a range of Asbestos TUFFA™ Tags for clear, instant identification of Asbestos. Using a TUFFA™ Tag will increase safety and ensure the dangerous goods remain tagged and identified.

Why do you need to upgrade to Asbestos TUFFA™ Tags?

Tagging very dangerous materials on a daily basis is a hazard to a variety of parties. Asbestos removal businesses simply cannot afford for a tag to go missing, tear in half or have information to washed off.

Tuffa-Products Logo - Terms of SalesTUFFA™ Products are specialists in printing Safety Tags and Asbestos Tags. TUFFA™ Products works with a variety of freight providers throughout Australia to get goods delivered to you fast. If you have a strict timeframe, we recommend calling our office on 02 6895 3347 to discuss express delivery options.

TUFFA™ Products are a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of Progress Printing. Their speciality is in supplying a wide range of safety related print material to mines in remote locations, ensuring that all print can be sourced from a central provider. Located in Condobolin in regional New South Wales, TUFFA™ Products offer services world-wide.

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