TUFFA™ Tags– Quality Safety Tags

Does your worksite have issues with tags fading, becoming illegible or even blowing off? Why take the risk? TUFFA™ Tags are manufactured to withstand the harshest conditions. Whether it is an offshore oil or gas platform, scorching deserts, snow and ice or tropical monsoons, you can be assured that a TUFFA™ Tag has got what it takes.

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Benefits of TUFFA™Tags 

  • Material: Manufactured from our durable Raptor Poly.
  • Extreme Environments: Tuffa Tags are designed for outdoor extreme environments – commonly used on mining / construction sites and offshore and onshore oil & gas projects. Our tags are UV resistant, water proof and tear resistant. Make sure your critical information stays legible and stands out by using a custom TUFFA™ Tag.
  • Strength: Extremely tear-resistant and have been proven to withstand some of the harshest environments. If it’s worth tagging, you want to ensure that the tag stays intact. TUFFA™ tags will not blow away.

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Testimonials from our clients

The Tuffa Tags have worked out as intended and have been received well by the fitters, the QC Team and most importantly our client.
We were previously using a repair tag which required clear contact to be placed over the card once written on. The process to obtain the repair tags was an arduous one, and the contact would often stick to the card and cause problems. After finding the Tuffa Tags, we were able to get it designed to suit our requirements and delivered in a small timeframe. The Tuffa Tag is far superior to our previous tag, and so much easier to use.
We’ve had the pleasure of dealing directly with the staff at Tuffa Products on numerous occasions to provide custom tag jobs to our sites nationally. The turn-around time, customer service and efficiency is excellent and cannot be faulted. Products are of sound quality, price and accuracy and we will continue to endorse and procure this product for our businesses.