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TUFFA Permanent Markers (Pack of 10)

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When writing on TUFFA™ Tags we recommend users mark the tags with a TUFFA™ Permanent Marker. This ensures that the message written on the tags will not be smudged off due to rain or by hand. We recommend and sell TUFFA™ Permanent Markers.

Key Features

  • Excellent smudge-proof and waterproof qualities on almost all surfaces
  • Permanent, low-odour ink, Superb colour brilliancy
  • Ink dries in seconds, therefore ideal for left-handed users
  • Fine Tip – ideal for easy writing
  • Dimensions – 140mm x 10mm.
  • Sold in Packs of 10 Markers.

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About TUFFA™ Products

Tuffa-Products Logo - Terms of SalesTUFFA™ Products are a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of Progress Printing. Their speciality is in supplying a wide range of safety related print material to mines in remote locations, ensuring that all print can be sourced from a central provider. Located in Condobolin in regional New South Wales, TUFFA™ Products offer services world-wide.

Company Details:
TUFFA™ Products Pty Ltd
2 Galari Circuit, Condobolin NSW 2877, Australia
Phone: +61 2 6895 3347  Fax: +61 2 6895 4233  Email: sales@tuffaproducts.com.au

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Feedback from our valued clients

"The Tuffa Tags have worked out as intended and have been received well by the fitters, the QC Team and most importantly our client."

"We were previously using a repair tag which required clear contact to be placed over the card once written on. The process to obtain the repair tags was an arduous one, and the contact would often stick to the card and cause problems. After finding the Tuffa Tags, we were able to get it designed to suit our requirements and delivered in a small timeframe. The Tuffa Tag is far superior to our previous tag, and so much easier to use."

"We’ve had the pleasure of dealing directly with the staff at Tuffa Products on numerous occasions to provide custom tag jobs to our sites nationally. The turn-around time, customer service and efficiency is excellent and cannot be faulted. Products are of sound quality, price and accuracy and we will continue to endorse and procure this product for our businesses."

"I has been a pleasure to work with you. Your promptness in reply to requests have been extremely helpful to me. You and your company have proven to be a quality and reliable provider."

Get in touch with TUFFA™ Products
Phone: +61 2 6895 3347
Email: sales@tuffaproducts.com.au