Electrical Lockout device to fit fuse carriers. This device grips to the end-walls of the fuse carrier once the fuse has been removed. Pressing the lever clamp secures the device in place and blocks the cavity of the holder, thereby preventing re-insertion of the fuse to restore power. The lever is locked in place with an approved safety padlock.

The lock is adjustable to fit all fuse carriers in the range 20A – 100A inclusive.

  • No tools are required to fit the device.
  • The device can be fitted while wearing gloves.
  • One size of device fits all amp rating of fuse carrier.
  • The device blocks access to live connection terminals.
  • Fits most makes and models of Fuse Carrier.
  • Low Profile Design allows cabinet doors to close when fitted.
  • Padlock lies flush to device when fitted.
  • Lightweight yet strong construction.

Material: Glass Reinforced Nylon.

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