New Legislation for Do Not Overtake Signs

Do-Not-Overtake-SignsAre you wondering what to do for the transition over to the new legislation for the Do Not Overtake Signs? Here is a brief overview:

Vehicles with Class 2 plates already fitted will be permitted for use until 31st December 2020, but by 1st January 2021 they must be replaced with the Class 1 plates. Class 2 plates produced but not yet fitted can still be fitted to vehicles and used up until 31st December 2020, but must be replaced with class 1 by 1st January 2021.

What vehicles MUST be fitted with ‘Do Not Overtake’ signs:

  • Vehicles or combinations 7.5 metres or more in length that have to straddle lanes or turn from an adjacent lane in order to turn left or right at intersections.

What vehicles MAY be fitted with ‘Do Not Overtake’ signs:

  • Any motor vehicle less than 12 tonnes GVM
  • Any trailer less than 10 Tonnes GVM

What signs are needed?

  • If space permits – use Category 33 and 34 as first choice.
  • If category 33 are selected, use either 31L or 33L as well.
  • If category 34 is selected, use Category 33 on the right, or use Category 34 on both sides
  • If no room on vehicle for category 33 or 34, then category 31 or 33L can be used. Use in conjunction with rear marker plates (Candy stripes)
  • Candy Stripes to be used wherever space will permit to show each extremity of the vehicle.

Installation of Do Not Overtake signs:

  • Maximum of 500mm space from each side of vehicle
  • Maximum of 2000mm gap from ground to bottom of sign
New legislation for Do Not Overtake Signs

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