Lockout Padlocks by TUFFA™ Products

As a specialist supplier in lockout padlocks, our range of tough and durable locks for various applications is vast and constantly growing. TUFFA Products is an Australian owned and family operated business, specialising in Lockout and Tagout Equipment for Mining, Oil, Gas & Energy Market.

TUFFA Safety Locks

TUFFA™ Locks – Steel Shackle – TL01

TUFFA Nylon Safety Locks

TUFFA™ Locks – Nylon Shackle – TL02

TUFFA Lockout Padlock Metallic Shackle – Code TL03

TUFFA™ Locks – Long Steel Shackle – TL03

TUFFA Safety Padlocks – Long Nylon Shackle – TL04

TUFFA™ Locks – Long Nylon Shackle – TL04

TUFFA Aluminium Padlocks

TUFFA™ Aluminium Lockout Padlocks – TL09

TUFFA Safety Cable Padlocks – TL05

TUFFA™ Locks – Cable Padlocks – TL05

TUFFA Computer Key Padlocks – Steel Shackle – TL06

TUFFA™ Locks – Computer Key Steel Shackle – TL06

TUFFA Computer Key Padlocks – Nylon Shackle – TL07

TUFFA™ Locks – Computer Key Nylon Shackle – TL07