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Lockout Kits – TUFFA™ Products

TUFFA™ Products supplies a range of Lockout Kits and Tagout Products to assist with compliance of Workplace Health and Safety. The lockout products work within procedures for various worksite equipment.

TUFFA™ Products also distributes a range of individual lockout devices including hasps & padlocks, as well as circuit breakers, valve lockouts, group lockouts and lockouts station. We offer online order, quick turnaround and free shipping on select products.

About TUFFA™ Products

TUFFA™ Products are specialists in high quality safety products. Our experienced team has worked with major companies all around the world to supply high quality safety products.

TUFFA™ Products are a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of Progress Printing. Their specialty is in supplying a wide range of safety related print material to mines in remote locations, ensuring that all print can be sourced from a central provider.

Located in Condobolin in regional New South Wales, TUFFA™ Products offer services world-wide.

Company Details:
TUFFA™ Products Pty Ltd
2 Galari Circuit, Condobolin NSW 2877, Australia
Phone: +61 2 6895 3347
Fax: +61 2 6895 4233
Email: sales@tuffaproducts.com.au

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2 Galari Circuit, Condobolin, NSW, 2877

Phone: +61 2 6895 3347

Fax: +61 2 6895 4233

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