Introducing Speedbox – Smarter Mobile Storage Solution

Engineered for the heavy haul, Speedbox is the smarter mobile storage solution. With an extra-rugged body, no-flat tires and a never-fail handle system, it’s optimized for your toughest deployment and goes anywhere you are brave enough to take it.

The Speedbox is exclusively available in Australia from TUFFA™ Products.

> Slim and Sturdy Container
> Stacking and Interlocking System
> Interlocking Handle
> Solid, No-Flat, Of-Road Tyres
> Never-Fail Handle System
> Lock Plates
> Watertight, Airtight Protection
> Parachute Rigging Slots
> Heavy-Duty, Hinged Lid
> Heady Duty, Cam Latches
> Double as a Cooler

TUFFA_Speed Box