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Welcome to TUFFA™ Products, the designer and manufacturer of unique safety tagging systems to a global client base. When your project calls for a tough, durable, dependable and highly visible product, TUFFA™ Products has proven solutions.

Worksite having issues with tags fading, tearing or becoming eligible? TUFFA Tags are manufactured to withstand the harshest conditions. Whether it is an offshore oil platform, scorching deserts, snow or tropical monsoons, you can be assured that a TUFFA™ Tag has got what it takes.

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P: +61 2 6895 3347
F: +61 2 6895 4233
E: sales@tuffaproducts.com.au
A: 2 Galari Circuit, Condobolin NSW 2877, Australia

The TUFFA™ Tag Range

Custom Tuffa Tags
Create Custom TUFFA Tag
Mining Tuffa Tags
Standard TUFFA™ Tags
Flange Tuffa Tags
Flange & Torque Tags
Oil, Gas & Energy Tags
Oil, Gas and Energy Tags
Proflex Tags
Proflex Plastic Tags
General Safety Tags
General Safety Tags
Quality Control Tags
Quality Control Tags
Plain Tags
Plain Tuffa Tags
Asbestos Tags
Asbestos Tuffa Tags
Scaffolding Tags
Titan Scaffolding Tags
Self Locking Tags
Self Locking Tags
Sling Tags
Chain Sling Tags

TUFFA™ Product Range

Pipe Markers
Printed Pipe Markers
Printed Signs
Huge Range of Signs
Take 5 Safety Books
Take 5 Safety Books
Permanent Markers
TUFFA Markers (10 Pack)
Certificate Pouches
Certificate Pouches
HexChex – Multi-Size Wheel Nut Indicator
HexChex Indicator
Industrial Labels & Stickers
Industrial Labels

TUFFA™ Products Range of Prestart and Safety Books

About TUFFA™ Products

TUFFA™ Products are specialists in high quality safety products. Our experienced team has worked with major companies all around the world to supply high quality safety products. TUFFA™ Products are a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of Progress Printing. Their specialty is in supplying a wide range of safety related print material to mines in remote locations, ensuring that all print can be sourced from a central provider.

Located in Condobolin in regional New South Wales, TUFFA™ Products offer services world-wide.

Company Details:
TUFFA™ Products Pty Ltd
2 Galari Circuit, Condobolin NSW 2877, Australia
Phone: +61 2 6895 3347  |  Fax: +61 2 6895 4233  |  Email: sales@tuffaproducts.com.au