Lock Out & Tag Out Products- TUFFA™ Products

TUFFA™ Products supplies a range of Lockout and Tagout Products to assist with compliance of Workplace Health and Safety. The lockout products work within procedures for various worksite equipment.

TUFFA™ Products distributes a range of individual lockout devices including hasps & padlocks, as well as circuit breakers, valve lockouts, group lockouts and lockouts station. We offer online order, quick turnaround and free shipping on select products.

Bluetooth Padlocks

Circuit Breaker Lockouts

Group Lockouts

Knaack Toolboxes

Lockout Kits

Lockout Padlocks

Lockout Stations

Lockout Hasps

Valve Lockouts


About TUFFA™ Products

TUFFA™ Products are specialists in high quality safety products. Our experienced team has worked with major companies all around the world to supply high quality safety products.

TUFFA™ Products are a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of Progress Printing. Their specialty is in supplying a wide range of safety related print material to mines in remote locations, ensuring that all print can be sourced from a central provider. Located in Condobolin in regional New South Wales, TUFFA™ Products offer services world-wide.

Company Details:
TUFFA™ Products Pty Ltd
2 Galari Circuit, Condobolin NSW 2877, Australia
Phone: +61 2 6895 3347
Fax: +61 2 6895 4233
Email: sales@tuffaproducts.com.au